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You may want to start at the Bascom Home Page for an overview of this web site. This locations page is a new feature. Under the map, locations are listed in reverse order by U.S. state, and then city. The U.S. postal abbreviations are used for the states. However, you will also see other countries and places listed alphabetically. Use the search feature of your internet browser to search for a specific place.

The USA map below shows a red dot for each location where Bascoms lived.  The dots represent towns where birth, marriage, or deaths took place.  There are about 1,000 unique places represented on this map.  Some towns had or have numerous Bascom families, but they are still represented by just one dot for their town on this map.

AK, Anchorage

AK, Cleveland Co., Rowell Cem

AK, Fayetteville

AK, Fulton

AK, Talkeetna


AL, Athens

AL, Birmingham

AL, Fairbanks

AL, Fulton

AL, Huntsville

AL, Jefferson

AL, Macon Co., Tuskegee City Cem

AL, Macon Co., Tuskegee, Tuskegee City Cem

AL, Macon Co

AL, Macon

AL, Marshall

AL, Mobile

AL, Phenix City

AL, Red Level, Fairmount Cem

AL, Red Level



Andover Theological Seminary

AR, Blackfork

AR, Blytheville, Elmwood Cem

AR, Blytheville

AR, Brookland, Pine Log Cemetery

AR, Clary

AR, Clay Co., Piggott

AR, Craighead Co

AR, Fayetteville

AR, Fort Smith

AR, Little Rock

AR, Pine Bluff

AR, Salem

AR, Searcy

AR, Springdale, Bluff Cemetery


Arlington National Cemetery

AZ, Apache Junction

AZ, Chandler

AZ, Glendale

AZ, Kingman, Mt. Cem

AZ, Mesa, Queen of Heaven Cem

AZ, Mesa

AZ, Miller

AZ, Phenix, National Memorial Cemetery of AZ

AZ, Phoenix, Greenwood Mem. Lawn Cem

AZ, Phoenix, Pioneer & Military Park

AZ, Phoenix

AZ, Safford

AZ, Sanders

AZ, Sierra Vista

AZ, Sunset

AZ, Tempe

AZ, Tucson





Bohemia, OF Jiczin

Brown University

C, Colton, Monticito Mem. Park

C, Martinez, Alhambra Cem

C, Palisade, Palisade Cem

C, Petaluma, Cypress Hill Mem. Park

C, Riverside Co., Riverside National Cemetery

C, Siskiyou, Mt Shasta, Mt Shasta Mem. Park

CA, Alameda

CA, Alemeda

CA, Alta Dena

CA, Anaheim

CA, Anderson

CA, Antioch

CA, Apple Valley, Sunset Hills Mem. Park

CA, Apple Valley, Sunset Memorial Park

CA, Apple Valley

CA, Aptos

CA, Artesia

CA, Atherton

CA, Azusa

CA, Bakersfield, Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery

CA, Bakersfield, Union Cem

CA, Bakersfield

CA, Bell

CA, Belleflower

CA, Bellflower

CA, Belmont, Belmont Memorial Park Cem

CA, Berkley

CA, Beverly Hills

CA, Butte

CA, Calimesa, Desert Lawn Park

CA, Camp Parks

CA, Camp Pendleton

CA, Cardiff by the Sea

CA, Carmel Highlands

CA, Chino

CA, Cisco

CA, Claremont, Oak Park Cem

CA, Colma, Holy Cross Cem

CA, Colonial Heights

CA, Colton

CA, Contra Costa

CA, Coronado

CA, Cypress, Forest Lawn Mem. Park

CA, Daly City, O.L.P.H

CA, Daly City

CA, Diamond Springs, IOOF Cemetery

CA, Downey

CA, Duarte

CA, East Los Angeles

CA, Ed Dorado

CA, El Cajon, El Cajon Cem

CA, El Cajon

CA, El Dorado

CA, Elk Grove

CA, Fairfield

CA, Fesno, Belmont Mem. Park

CA, Franklin Township

CA, Fremont

CA, Fresno

CA, Glendale, Forest Lawn Mem. Park

CA, Glendale

CA, Glendora

CA, Glenn

CA, Hanford

CA, Hermosa Beach

CA, Hesperia

CA, Hollister

CA, Huntington Park

CA, Indio Hills

CA, Kern Co

CA, Kern

CA, LA County, Artesia

CA, LA County, Linwood

CA, La Habra

CA, La Jolla

CA, La Mesa

CA, lived with daughter in San Diego, as a widow

CA, Livermore

CA, Loma Linda

CA, Long Beach, Sunnyside Cem

CA, Long Beach

CA, Los Angeles, National Cem

CA, Los Angeles

Ca, Los Angeles

CA, Los Angeles

CA, Lynwood

CA, Mann Co

CA, Marin Co

CA, Marin

CA, Martinez, Alhambra Cemetery

CA, Martinez

CA, Marysville

Ca, Maywood

CA, Mercer Co

CA, Millville, Millville Masonic Cem

CA, Millville

CA, Modesto

CA, Monrovia, Live Oak Memorial Park

CA, Monterey Park

CA, Monterey

CA, Montery Park

CA, Montibello

CA, Mt Shasta

CA, Mt. Shasta

CA, Norwalk

CA, Oakland, Mt. View Cem

CA, Oakland

CA, Orange Co., Fairhaven Memorial Park

CA, Orange Co

CA, Orange

CA, Palm Springs

CA, Pasadena

CA, Pasedena

CA, Petaluma

CA, Placerville, Placerville Union Cem

CA, Pleasanton

CA, prob

CA, Quincy

CA, Red Bluff, Oak Hill Cem

CA, Red Bluff

CA, Redding, Lawn Crest Mem. Park

CA, Redding, Lawncrest Mem. Park

CA, Redding, Long Crest Cemetery

CA, Redding

CA, Redwood City

CA, Riverside, Evergreen Memorial Park and Mausoleum

CA, Riverside, National Cem

CA, Riverside

CA, Sacramento Co

CA, Sacramento, Sacramento City Cem

CA, Sacramento

CA, San Bernadino

CA, San Bernandino

CA, San Bernardino, Pioneer Memorial Cem

CA, San Bernardino

CA, San Diego Co

CA, San Diego

CA, San Francisco, National Cem

CA, San Francisco, Resided in 1995

CA, San Francisco

CA, San Gabriel

CA, San Joaquin, Lodi Mem. Cem

CA, San Joaquin

CA, San Jose, enlisted in Co. 1 First Cavalry Reg

CA, San Jose, Los Gatos Cem

CA, San Jose, Oak Hill Mem. Park

CA, San Jose, Oak Hill Memorial Park

CA, San Jose

CA, San Mateo, Golden Gate Cem

CA, Santa Ana, Fairhaven Memorial Park

CA, Santa Ana., Fairhaven Memorial Park

CA, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Cem

CA, Santa Barbara

CA, Santa Clara, Mission City Mem. Park

CA, Santa Clara, Mission City Memorial Park

CA, Santa Clara

CA, Santa Cruz Co

CA, Santa Nella Village, San Joaquin Valley Nat. Cem

CA, Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Mem. Park

CA, Santa Rosa

CA, Saratoga, Saratoga IOOF Cem

CA, Shasta

CA, Sierra Madre

CA, Siskiyou

CA, Sisson

CA, Solana

CA, Solano Co

CA, Solano

CA, Somoma Co

CA, Sonoma Co

CA, Sonoma

CA, South Gate (La Cty)

Ca, South Gate

CA, Stanislaus Co

CA, Tracy

CA, Tulare

CA, Tustin

CA, Ukiah

CA, Upland

CA, Vallejo

CA, Ventura Co

CA, Ventura

CA, Victorville

CA, Westwood

CA, Whittier, Rose Hills Mem. Park

CA, Whittier, Rose Hills Memorial Park

CA, Whittier

CA, Yountville, Veterans Mem. Cem

CA, Yountville


California, Marysville

California, San Francisco

Cameroon, Mbingo

Canada West, Elgin Co

Canada West, Uxbridge

Canada West

Canada, Alberta, Calgary

Canada, Alberta, Cardston

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton

Canada, Alberta, Lethridge

Canada, Alberta, Medicine Hat, Hillside Cem

Canada, Alberta, Medicine Hat

Canada, Alberta, Ponoka, Forest Home Cem

Canada, Alberta, Ponoka

Canada, Alberta, Prob. Didsbury

Canada, Alberta, Raymond, Temple Hill Cem

Canada, Alberta, Raymond

Canada, Alberta, Stirling Cemetery

Canada, Alberta, Stirling

Canada, Alberta

Canada, BC, Greenwood

Canada, BC, Kelowna

Canada, Calgary Alberta

Canada, Duffin's Creek

Canada, Dunham

Canada, Eastend Sask

Canada, Elmira

Canada, Greenwood Ontario

Canada, Kelowna

Canada, Leeds and Grenville

Canada, Lethridge Alberta

Canada, Montreal

Canada, New Foundland

Canada, Niagara, Resided 1839 near

Canada, Nova Scotia, Burlington

Canada, Ontario, County, Prince Albert

Canada, Ontario, Hamilton

Canada, Ontario, Markham

Canada, Ontario, Middlesex Co

Canada, Ontario, Mull

Canada, Ontario, Orangeville

Canada, Ontario, Thornbury

Canada, Ontario, Toronto, Mt. Pleasant Cem

Canada, Ontario, Toronto

Canada, Ontario, Uxbridge Cem

Canada, Ontario, Uxbridge, St. Andrews Scotch Kirk Cem

Canada, Ontario, Uxbridge

Canada, Ontario, Waterloo, Galt

Canada, Ontario, Waterloo, Mt. View Cem

Canada, Ontario, Waterloo, Woolwich

Canada, Ontario, York

Canada, Ontario

Canada, Ottawa

Canada, Ottowa, Carleton

Canada, Preston

Canada, Quebec, Drummonville

Canada, Quebec, Dunham

Canada, Quebec

Canada, Raymond

CANADA, Sask., Shaunavon

Canada, Saskatchewan, Eastend

Canada, Toronto

Canada, Uxbridge Ontario

Canada, Uxbridge, Uxbridge Cemetery

Canada, Uxbridge

Canada, Waterloo

Canada, Whitby Township

Canada, Whitby

Canada, Yamasco Mount


Canda, Uxbridge

Capt. in the Royal Army Medical Corps

Cardiff Wales



Church Furn.Mfr.In Texas

Cincinnati, Spring Grove

Civil War captain in Confederate army captured in 1862

Civil War soldier in VT Co. C and F. Promoted to Full Captain in 1846

Cleveland Medical College

CO, Aspen

CO, Boulder, Green Mountain Cem

CO, Boulder, Mt Green Cem

CO, Boulder, Mt. View Mem. Park

CO, Boulder

CO, Breckenridge

CO, Colorado Springs

CO, Craig

CO, Denver, Fort Logan National Cem

CO, Denver

CO, Fort Collins

CO, Fowler, Fowler Cem

CO, Fowler

CO, Fruita, Elmwood Cemetery

CO, Fruita

CO, Fuita, Elmwood Cemetery

CO, Glenwood Springs

CO, Grand Junction

CO, Greeley

CO, Lafayette

CO, Lakewood

CO, Living Boulder, resided in 1986

CO, Loveland Larimer Co, Loveland Burial Park

CO, Pitkin Co

CO, Pitkin, Aspen, Red Butte Cemetery

CO, Premere

CO, Pueblo Co., Brookside Cemetery

CO, Pueblo

CO, Sterling

CO, Summit County, Breckenridge, Valley Brook Cem

CO, Summit

CO, Trinidad, Masonic Cemetery

CO, Trinidad

Co. B Mass.34th infantry, Civil War

Co. K 7th Indiana Cavalry


Cold Spring Cem

College Student



Cortland N, Cortland Rural Cem

Costa Rica

Cpl US Marine Corps - World War II

CT, Avon

CT, Canton

CT, Columbia

CT, Durham, Mica Hill Cem

CT, Durham

CT, East Haddam

CT, Enfield

CT, Farmington, resided 1866

CT, Farmington

CT, Glastenbury

CT, Glastonbury

CT, Granby

CT, Groton

CT, Guilford

CT, Hartford, Cedar Hill Cem

CT, Hartford

CT, Hebron

CT, Lebanon, Exeter Cemetery

CT, Lebanon

CT, Litchfield

CT, Manchester

CT, Middle Haddam

CT, Middletown

CT, New Hartford

CT, New Haven

CT, New London

CT, New Longdon

CT, Norwich

CT, Ridgefield

CT, Somers, Center Cem

CT, Somers, West Cem

CT, Somers

CT, Stafford Springs

CT, Stafford

CT, Stamford

CT, Stratford

CT, Suffield

CT, Tolland

CT, Torringford

CT, Torrington

CT, Union

CT, Wallingford

CT, Waterford, Jordan Cem

CT, Waterford

CT, Watertown

CT, Westfield

CT, Wethersfield

CT, Willimantic

CT, Willington

CT, Windsor Locks

CT, Windsor


Cuba, Havana

D. Unmarried

D.C, Washington


D.Of 'Milk Sickness'


Darmstadt Ger

Dartmouth College

Daughters of the American Revolution

DC, Washington

DC, Washinton

Denver, Ft Logan National Cem

Died A Child

Died in infancy

died in U.S. service

Died Unmarried

Died While On Furlough 54th Rgt Penn.Vols



Durham NY


Eastend Sask Can

Eastend Sask. Canada

England, Dorset

England, Essex

England, London


F, Bushnell, Florida National Cem

F, Sarasota Co., Palms Mem. Park

Fairfax VT, Carroll Hill Cem

Fairfax VT, Sanderson Cemetery

Fiji, Matamanoa Island

First female Ph.D. from John Hopkins University

First Regiment Kentucky Cavalry, Mexican War

FL, Bay Co

FL, Bonita Springs

FL, Brevard Co

FL, Broward

FL, Clearwater

FL, Crystal River

FL, Dade Co

FL, Dunedin

FL, Eustis

FL, Hernando Co

FL, Hernando

FL, Highland Beach

FL, Hillsborough

FL, Hillsobrough

FL, Jacksonville

FL, Lakeland, Lakeland Memorial Gardens

FL, Lakeland, Oak Hill Cemetery

FL, Lakeland

FL, Largo

FL, Manatee

FL, Martin Co

FL, Naples

FL, Ocala, Good Shepherd Mem. Gardens

FL, Ocala

FL, Orange City

FL, Orange Park

FL, Orlando

FL, Panama City

FL, Pensacola

FL, Pinellas Co

FL, Pinellas Park

FL, Pinellas

FL, Polk Co

FL, Punta Gorda

FL, Sarasota, Sarasota Mem. Park

FL, Sarasota

FL, St. Augustine

FL, St. Petersburg

FL, Sun City Center

FL, Tallahassee

FL, Tampa

FL, Tarpon Springs

FL, Velusa

FL, Vero Beach

FL, West Bradenton

FL, West Palm Beach

FL, Winter Haven

FL, Zephyr Hills Cemetery



Forest Home Cemetery

Foster Cem

Fowler Ohio-Charlottesville Va

France, Brittany, Quimperle

France, Montherme

France, Nord, Epinoy

France, Nord, Hayncourt British Cemetery

France, Romagne, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Plot B Row 40 #15

France, Versailles


GA, Americus, Oak Grove Cem

GA, Americus

GA, Atlanta

GA, Lawrenceville

GA, Milledgeville

GA, Roswell

GA, Savannah


Germany, Alsace

Germany, Munich


Ghiradelli Chocolate

Glendale Ca

Greece, Tanados


Greenburg Ohio

Greenville Ohio

Guatemala, Guatemala City

had One Child

Halifax Or Witingham Vt


Harvard College

Harvard University

He Was A Farmer And Keeper

HI, Honolulu, National Memorial Cem. of the Pacific

HI, Honolulu

HI, Wailuku



Huskey Cem

I, Custer Co., Huston Pioneer Cem

I, Guthrie Center, Valley Township Cem

I, Guthrie, Valley Cemetery

I, Jefferson Co, Canaan Cem

IA, Adair Co

IA, Adair

IA, Albia, Oakview Cem

IA, Ames

IA, Arnolds Park, Okoboji Cem

IA, Arnolds Park, Okoboji Cemetery

IA, Atkins, St Stephen's Lutheran Cem

IA, Atkins

IA, Baker

IA, Belle Plaine

IA, Boone Co, Linwood Cem

IA, Boone, Linwood Cem

IA, Boone, Linwood Park Cem

IA, Boone

IA, Boonesboro

IA, Burlington, probably

IA, Burlington

IA, Cedar Rapids, Baker Cemetery

IA, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Mem. Park

IA, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Memorial Park Cem

IA, Cedar Rapids, Mt. Calvary Cem

IA, Cedar Rapids

IA, Center Grove

IA, Center Point, Center Point Cem

IA, Center Point

IA, Charter Oak

IA, Clay Co., Spencer

IA, Clinton Co

IA, Council Bluff

IA, Council Bluffs, Ridgewood Cem

IA, Council Bluffs, Walnut Hill Cem

IA, Council Bluffs

IA, Davenport

IA, Delaware Co., Peasant Hill Cem

IA, Delaware Co

IA, Denison, Crawford Heights Mem. Garden

IA, Denison

IA, Des Moines

IA, Dubuque

IA, Dysart

IA, Ely, Rogers Grove Cem

IA, Fairview, Wilcox Cem

IA, Farmersburg

IA, Garrison

IA, Goldfield

IA, Grant City

IA, Gutherie

IA, Guthrie Center

IA, Guthrie Co

IA, Hancock, Evergreen Cem

IA, Hardin

IA, Hiawatha, Shiloh Cem

IA, Hiawatha, Shiloh Cemetery

IA, Hiawatha

IA, Iowa City

IA, Jackson Co., Andrew Cem

IA, Keokuk

IA, Keota

IA, Lake City, Cottonwood Cem

IA, Lake City

IA, Lansing, Oak Hill Cem

IA, Lansing, Oak Hill Cemetery

IA, Lansing

IA, Linden

IA, Linn, Center Pt

IA, Maquoketa

IA, Marion

IA, Mason City

IA, Milford

IA, Near Urbana

IA, Nevada

IA, New Providence, Resided in 1865

IA, New Virginia, New Virginia Cem

IA, New Virginia

IA, Newhall, St Johns Lutheran Cem

IA, Newhall

IA, Nora Springs

IA, North Liberty

IA, O'Brien Co., Doyle Cem

IA, O'Brien Co., Highland Township

IA, O'Brien Co., Primghar, Pleasant Hill Cem

IA, O'Brien Co

IA, Oelwein

IA, Okoboji

IA, Olin

IA, Oxford Jct

IA, Panora, Church of the Brethren Cemetery

IA, Perry

IA, Preston, Preston Cem

IA, Preston, St. Joseph Catholic Cem

IA, Preston, St. Josephs Catholic Cem

IA, Preston

IA, prob

IA, Sanborn O'Brien Co., Roseland Cem

IA, Shelby

IA, Shellsburg, Oakwood Cem

IA, Shellsburg, Oakwood Cemetery

IA, Shellsburg

IA, Solon

IA, Spencer, Riverside Cem

IA, Spencer

IA, Spirit Lake

IA, Springfield

IA, Stuart

IA, Urbana

IA, Van Horne, Salem Cem

IA, Van Meter, Iowa Veterans Cem

IA, Vinton, Evergreen Cem

IA, Vinton

IA, Viola, Wilcox Cemetery

IA, Viola

IA, Walker

IA, Wall Lake

IA, Washington Co

IA, Waterloo

IA, West Des Moines


ID, Albion, Albion City Cemetery

ID, Albion

ID, Bannock

ID, Blackfoot, Grove City Cem

ID, Blackfoot

ID, Boise

ID, Clark

ID, Coure D Alene

ID, Custer

ID, Dickey, Chilly Cem

ID, Dickey

ID, Driggs

ID, Emmett, Riverside Cemetery

ID, Emmett

ID, Groveland

ID, Idaho City

ID, Idaho Falls, Rose Hill Cem

ID, Idaho Falls

ID, Kootenai

ID, Lost River

ID, Menan

ID, Meridian

ID, Pocatello, Restlawn Memorial Gardens

ID, Pocatello

ID, Rigby

ID, Rupert

ID, Ryrie

ID, Sandpoint

ID, Shoshone

ID, Taylor, Taylor Cem

ID, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Cem

ID, Twin Falls

ID, Wendell


Idaho, Dickey, Chilly Cemetery

Idaho, Dickey


IL, 1866 Dover

IL, Alden

IL, Alexander Co., prob

IL, Alexander Co., Schindler/Cavender Cem

IL, Alexander Co

IL, Anna

IL, Barrington

IL, Benton Co

IL, Benton, Masonic and Odd Fellows Cemetery

IL, Benton, resided in

IL, Bloomington, Everygreen Memorial Cemetery

IL, Bloomington

IL, Bond Co

IL, Breman

IL, Buffalo

IL, Bureau Co

IL, Carbondale

IL, Cave in Rock

IL, Cave-in-Rock, Bascom/Burris Cemetery

IL, Cave-in-Rock, Cave Hill Cem

IL, Cave-In-Rock

IL, Chicago, Morgan Park

IL, Chicago, Rose Hill Cem

IL, Chicago

IL, Cook Co

IL, Dahlgren

IL, Danville

IL, Decatur

IL, Du Page Co

IL, ElDorado

IL, Elgin, Bluff City Cem

IL, Elgin

IL, Evanston

IL, Farina, Farina Cem

IL, Farina

IL, Fayette Co

IL, Franklin Co

IL, Galena

IL, Galenea

IL, Galesburg, Hope Cemetery

IL, Galesburg

IL, Geneseo

IL, Goose Island

IL, Greene Co., Carrollton

IL, Hardin Co

IL, Hardin

IL, Harrisburg, Sunset Lawn Cem

IL, Harrisburg

IL, Harvard

IL, Hennepin, Riverside Cem

IL, Henry Co

IL, Jacksonville, Diamond Grove Cem

IL, Jacksonville

IL, Kinmundy

IL, Knox Co

IL, Liberty

IL, Lincolnshire

IL, Macon

IL, Manlius

IL, Marion

IL, Mass. Vol. died at Mound City, 52d Regt, Co

IL, Mcclean

IL, McLean Co

IL, McLean

IL, Millburn, Millburn Cem

IL, Millburn

IL, Miller City

IL, Mound City

IL, Niles

IL, O'Fallon

IL, Ogle Co., Buffalo

IL, Ogle Co

IL, Ogle

IL, Ottawa

IL, Oxbow Prairie

IL, Palotine, St. Michael's Cem

IL, Peoria

IL, Pleasant Plains

IL, Polo

IL, Post Oak, resided

IL, Post Oak

IL, Princeton, Oakland Cemetery

IL, Princeton

IL, Putnam Co., Hennepin, Riverside Cem

IL, Putnam Co

IL, Putnam

IL, Ramsey

IL, Randolph Co

IL, Rock Island

IL, Saline, Eldorado Township

IL, Saline, Wolf Creek Cem

IL, Saline

IL, Sangamon Co

IL, Saybrook

IL, Schaumberg

IL, Springfield, Oak Hill Cemetery

IL, Springfield

IL, St Clair Co

IL, St Clair

IL, St. Elmo

IL, Stark Co., Wyoming

IL, Tazewell County

IL, Tremont

IL, Vandalia, Haley Chapel Cemtery

IL, Vandalia, Haley Chapel

IL, Vandalia, So.Hill Cemetery

IL, Wayne Co

IL, Weston

IL, Winnebago Co

IL, Wyoming, Wyoming Cem


Ill, Farina

IN, 150th Indiana Infantry, Co. A & B

IN, Aberdeen

IN, Angola

IN, Aurora, River View Cem

IN, Aurora, Riverview Cemetery

IN, Aurora

IN, Bloomington, resides in

IN, Bloomington

IN, Blufftown, Old Cemetery

IN, Blufftown

IN, Cass

IN, Clarke Co

IN, Clinton, Riverside Cem

IN, Columbus

IN, Cotton

IN, Crown Point

IN, Dearborn Co., prob

IN, Dillsboro

IN, Dunreith

IN, East Enterprise

IN, Elkhart

IN, Elliottsville

IN, Freemont

IN, Grass Creek

IN, Hammond

IN, Jackson

IN, Jay Co

IN, Jefferson

IN, Kewanna

IN, Knox, Crown Hill Cemetery

IN, Knox, Round Lake Cemetery

IN, Knox

IN, Lagrange

IN, Lawrenceburg, Greendale Cem

IN, Lawrenceburg

IN, Lebanon

IN, Logansport

IN, Lynn, probably

IN, Lynn

IN, Madison

IN, Marshall

IN, Merrillville

IN, Michigan City

IN, Mishawaka, Mishawaka City Cem

IN, Mishawaka

IN, Parke Co., Union Cemetery

IN, Parke Co

IN, Pleasant

IN, Porter Co

IN, Portland

IN, Posey

IN, Princeton, IOOF Cem

IN, Princeton

IN, Pulaski Co

IN, Putnam Co

IN, Randolph Co

IN, Richmond

IN, Rising Sun, New Cemetery and German Cemetery

IN, Rising Sun

IN, Rochester

IN, Rockville

IN, Salem, Crown Hill Cemetery

IN, Salem

IN, Shelby, Hanover, Hanover Cemetery

IN, South Bend, Bowman Cem

IN, South Bend

IN, St. Joseph Co

IN, St.Joseph Co

IN, Starke Co., Knox, Round Lake Cemetery

IN, Starke Co., Round Lake Cemetery

IN, Starke Co., Toto

IN, Starke Co., Wayne, Hepner Cemetery

IN, Starke Co

IN, Starke County

IN, Starke, Center

IN, Switzerland Co., Bovard Cemetery

IN, Switzerland Co., Cotton, Bovard Cemetery

IN, Switzerland Co., Cotton, Littlefield Cemetery

IN, Switzerland Co., East Enterprise, Littlefield Cemetery

IN, Switzerland Co

IN, Terre Haute, Grandview Cemetery

IN, Terre Haute

IN, Tippecanoe Co

IN, Toto

IN, Washington

IN, Wayne Co

IN, Wayne

IN, Westville

IN, White Co., Buffalo, Clark Cem

IN, White Co

IN, Winchester, Fountain Park Cem

IN, Winchester, Fountain Park Cemetery

IN, Winchester


India, Andhra Pradesh

India, Visakhapatnam


Indiana, Aurora, Riverview Cemetery

Indiana, Starke, Center

Indiana, Starke, Jackson



Institutionalized Entire Life

Iowa, Burlington

Iraq, Anbar province

Ireland, Kilkeel



Jamaica, Kingston

Japan, Fuchu

Japan, Kobe

Japan, Okinawa

JAPAN, Tokyo

Japan, Tokyo

Japan, Yokohama



K, Goodland, Goodland Cem

K, Simpsonville, Simpsonville Cem

KA, Olathe

Kansas City MO, Forest Hill Cemetery

Kansas, Mt Hope Cem. Ellis

killed in WWI. Co. A 80th inft

Kilpatrick's bread driver


Korean War, US Navy

KS, Baldwin City

KS, Chanute

KS, Crawford Co

KS, Dunlap, Dunlap Cemetery

KS, Dunlap, Highland Cem

KS, Dunlap

KS, Ellis Co

KS, Ellis

KS, Ellsworth

KS, Eureka, Greenwood Cem

KS, Highland

KS, Howard, Grace Lawn Cemetery

KS, Howard

KS, Hutchinson

KS, Jetmore

KS, Kansas City, resided in

KS, Kingman

KS, Lawrence

KS, Leavenworth, National Cem

KS, Leavenworth

KS, Lyon, Americus

KS, Manhattan, resided in

KS, Manhattan, Sunset Cem

KS, Manhattan

KS, McPherson

KS, Meade Co

KS, Mt Hope Cem. Ellis

KS, Newton

KS, Nutyshay

KS, Osage Mission, Hope Cemetery

KS, Osage Mission

KS, Overland Park

KS, Phillipsburg

KS, Pittsburg

KS, Plainfield

KS, Riley Co

KS, Riley County, Manhattan, Sunrise Cem

KS, Salina, Roselawn Cem

KS, Salina

KS, Seneca

KS, Topeka

KS, Upland

KS, Wichita, Maple Grove Cem

KS, Wichita

KS, Winfield, Highland Cem

KS, Winfield

KS, Wyandotte Co


KY, Bath Co., Sharpsburg, Crown Hill Cemetery

KY, Bath Co

KY, Bath County, Crown Hill a.k.a. Owingsville Cemetery

KY, Bath County, Sharpsburg, Crown Hill Cemetery

KY, Bath

KY, Boon Co

KY, Boone

KY, Bracken County

KY, Carlisle

KY, Caseyville

KY, Clark Co

KY, Covington

KY, Earlington, Earlington Cem

KY, Earlington

KY, Fayette

KY, Ft. Cambell

KY, Greenup

KY, Hopkins Co., Earlington

KY, Hopkins Co

KY, Hopkins

KY, Jefferson

KY, Kenton Co

KY, Lexington, Lexington Cem

KY, Lexington, Old Episcopal Third St. Cem

KY, Lexington

KY, Lincoln Co

KY, Louisville, Cave Hill Cem

KY, Louisville, Cave Hill Cemetery

KY, Louisville, Eastern Cemetery

KY, Louisville

KY, Madison Co

KY, Mason Co

KY, Mays Lick

KY, Maysville, Old Burying Yard

KY, Maysville

KY, Montgomery

KY, Mount Sterling, Machpelah Cem

KY, Mount Sterling

KY, Mt Sterling

KY, Nelson Co

KY, Newport

KY, No. Pleasureville, Pleasureville-LowDutch Cem

KY, Owingsville, Owingsville Cem

KY, Owingsville

KY, Owinsville, Owinsville Cem

KY, Paducah

KY, Paris

KY, Peach Grove, Old Cem

KY, Pendleton

KY, Sharpsburg, Crown Hill Cem

KY, Sharpsburg

KY, Shelby

KY, Simpsonville

KY, Southgate, Evergreen Cemetery

KY, Winchester, Winchester Cem


LA, New Orleans

LA, Port Hudson

LA, Ruston, Greenwood Cem


Landstuhl/Rheinland Phalz/West Germany

Larned Kansas

Last Name Lamberton - Dau.By Marion 1st Marriage

later promoted to Commander of Co. K, Co. K 5th Iowa Infantry, Enlisted Civil War

Leavenworth National Cemetery

-Left A Widow And Two Children

Lived 1 Day

Lived 9 days

Los Angeles Ca

Lost At Sea Young & Unmarried

M, Catawissa, Oak Ridge Cem

M, Charlevoix, Brookside Cem

M, Dexter, Dexter Cemetery

M, Gibson, North Canaan Cem

M, Greenfield, High Street Cemetery

M, Ionia Co, Saranac Cem

M, Jefferson City, Resurrection Cem

M, Minneapolis, Lakewood Cem

M, Northampton

M, Olmsted, Rochester, Oakwood Cem

M, Shiawassee Co., Corunna, Pine Tree Cem

M, Springfield, Missouri Veteran's Cem

M, Springfield, Springfield Cem

M, Van Buren, Rector Cem

M, Vernon Co, Nevada, Deepwood Cemetery

MA, (now Warren), Western

MA, 51st Mass. Infantry, Civil War Co. B 3rd Mass. Rifles Battalion

MA, 51st Mass. Infantry, Co. B 3rd Mass. Rifles Battalion, Civil War captain

MA, A Twin/Greenfield

MA, Agawam

MA, Allston

MA, Amherst

MA, area of Deerfield

MA, Ashburnham, New Cem

MA, Ashburnham

MA, Ashby, First Parish Universalist Church Cemetery

MA, Ashby

MA, Ashfield

MA, Belchertown a.k.a. Cold Spring

MA, Belchertown, South Cemetery

MA, Belchertown

MA, Berlin

MA, Bernardston, Center Cem

MA, Bernardston, Old Cemetery

MA, Bernardston

MA, Beverly

MA, Blackstone

MA, Boston, Central Burying Ground

MA, Boston, Chapel Hill Cem

MA, Boston, Granary Burial Ground

MA, Boston, MIT

MA, Boston

MA, Boxford

MA, Braintree

MA, Brimfield

MA, Cambridge, Andover Theological Seminary

MA, Cambridge, Mt. Auburn Cemetery

MA, Cambridge

MA, Chelsea

MA, Chester, Center Cem

MA, Chester

MA, Chicopee

MA, Chsterfield

MA, Clarksburgh

MA, Clinton, Resided in

MA, Clinton

MA, Concord

MA, Danvers

MA, Dedham

MA, Deerfield

MA, Dover

MA, East Harwich

MA, Eastman

MA, Enfield

MA, Fairmount

MA, Fall River

MA, Farmingham

MA, Fitchburg, Forest Hill Cem

MA, Fitchburg, Forest Hills Cem

MA, Fitchburg, Forrest Hill Cem

MA, Fitchburg, Forrest Hills Cem

MA, Fitchburg, Laurel Hill Cem

MA, Fitchburg

MA, Framingham

MA, Franklin

MA, Gardner

MA, Gill, Center Cem

MA, Gill, North Gill Cemetery

MA, Gill, Riverside Cem

MA, Gill, West Gill Cemetery

MA, Gill

MA, Gloucester

MA, Grafton

MA, Granville, Main Road Cem

MA, Granville

MA, Great Barrington, Water St. Cem

MA, Great Barrington

MA, Greenfield, Federal St Cemetery

MA, Greenfield, Green River Cem

MA, Greenfield, High St. Cem

MA, Greenfield, High Street Cemetery

MA, Greenfield, Upper Meadow Cemetery

MA, Greenfield

MA, Groton

MA, Hadley

MA, Hardwick

MA, Hatfield

MA, Hingham

MA, Holden, Grove Cem

MA, Holden

MA, Hopkinton

MA, Hyannis

MA, Hyde Park

MA, Lancaster

MA, Lawrence

MA, Lebanon

Ma, Leicester

MA, Leominster, Evergreen Cem

MA, Leominster, Unitarian Church

MA, Leominster

MA, Leverett

MA, Leyden

MA, Long Meadow

MA, Longmeadow, Longmeadow Cem

MA, Longmeadow, Longmeadow Cemetery

MA, Longmeadow

MA, Lowell, Edson Cem

MA, Lowell, Edson Cemetery

MA, Lowell

MA, Ludlow

MA, Lunenburg

MA, Lynn

MA, Malden, Forest Dale Cem

MA, Malden

MA, Marblehead

MA, Martha's Vinyard

MA, Matfield

MA, Milford

MA, Monitorfield

MA, Montague City, Burnham Cemetery

MA, Montague, Locust Hill Cem

MA, Montague

MA, Montgomery

MA, Montigue City

MA, Natick

MA, New Bedford

MA, New Salem, Center Cemetery

MA, New Salem

MA, Newburyport

MA, Newton

MA, North Adams

MA, North Stroughton

MA, Northampton, Bridge St. Cemetery

MA, Northampton

MA, Northfield, Northfield Farms Cem

MA, Northfield

Ma, Northhampton

MA, Northhampton

MA, Orleans, Cemetery at Federated Church

MA, Orleans

MA, Palmer

MA, Pepperell, Pepperell Cemetery

MA, Pepperell, Walton Cemetery

MA, Pepperell

MA, Phillipston, Phillipston Center Cemetery

MA, Phillipston

MA, Pittsfield

MA, Plymouth

MA, Princeton

MA, Prob. Belchertown

MA, prob. Holden

MA, Prob. Northampton

MA, Prob. Pepperell

MA, prob. Pepperell

MA, Quincy

MA, Rowley

MA, Roxbury

MA, Russell

MA, Rutland

MA, S .Dedham

MA, S. Danvers

MA, Salem

MA, Sandwich

MA, Saugus

MA, Sheffield

MA, Sherborn

MA, Shrewbury

MA, Shrewsbury

MA, Somerville

MA, South Dedham

MA, South Hadley, Evergreen Cemtery

MA, Southampton, Center Cem

MA, Southampton, Center Cemetery

MA, Southampton

Ma, Southampton

MA, Southampton

MA, Southbridge

MA, Southhampton

MA, Southwick, New Southwick Cem

MA, Southwick

MA, Springfield, Hillcrest Park Cem

MA, Springfield, Oak Grove Cem

MA, Springfield, Springfield Cem

MA, Springfield

MA, Stoneham

MA, Sturbridge

MA, Sunderland

MA, Wakefield

MA, Ware (now Auburn)

MA, Ware

MA, Warren, Pine Grove Cemetery

MA, Warren, prob

MA, Warren

MA, Watertown

MA, Webster

MA, West Boylston

MA, West Springfield

MA, Westfield, St. Mary's Cem

MA, Westfield

MA, Westhampton

MA, Weymouth

MA, Wilbraham

MA, Williamstown, Williams College Cemetery

MA, Williamstown

MA, Winchendon

MA, Woburn

MA, Worcester, Forest Hill Cem

MA, Worcester, Hope Cem

MA, Worcester

MA, Worthington


Madison Wisc


Major Of Infantry in Sardinia


Massachusetts, Franklin, Deerfield

MD, Annapolis

MD, Baltimore

MD, Bentwood, Fort Lincoln Cem

MD, Bethesda

MD, Carroll

MD, Chevy Chase

MD, Clarksville

MD, Hancock

MD, Middleton

MD, Nas Patuxent River

MD, Olney, resided in

MD, Olney

MD, Perry Point

MD, Rockville, Parklawn Mem. Park and Menorah Gardens

MD, Tacoma Park

MD, Westminster

MD, Winfield, Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cem


ME, Bangor

ME, Buxton

ME, Dexter

ME, Dresden, Forest Hill Cemetery

ME, Falmouth, Pine Grove Cemetery

ME, Falmouth

ME, Fortune Rocks

ME, Fortunes Rocks

ME, Georgetown

ME, Hampden

ME, Kennebunk

ME, Norridgewock

ME, Portland

ME, Richmond

ME, Thorndike

ME, Wiscasset, Woodlawn Cem

ME, Wiscasset

ME, York


Mexico City Mexico

MI, Adrian, Adrian Center Cem

MI, Adrian

MI, Albion, Riverside Cem

MI, Albion

MI, Allegan

MI, Alma

MI, Ann Arbor

MI, Augusta, Fort Custer National Cem

MI, Augusta, Ft. Custer National Cem

MI, Barry Co

MI, Batavia, Batavia Cem

MI, Batavia

MI, Battle Creek

MI, Branch Co., California

MI, Branch Co

MI, Brooklyn, Highland Cem

MI, Burchville, Lakeport Cem

MI, Caledonia

MI, Calhoun Co., Riverside Cem

MI, Cass Co., California Cem

MI, Cedar Rapids

MI, Charlevoix

MI, Coldwater, Oak Grave Cem

MI, Coldwater, Oak Grove Cem

MI, Coldwater

MI, Concord

MI, Decatur, Harrison Cem

MI, Decatur

MI, Deerfield

MI, Detroit

MI, Eaton Co., Vermontville Twp

MI, Eaton Co

MI, Eaton

MI, Eckford

MI, Freeland, West Side Cemetery

MI, Freemont

MI, Genesee Co., Clio

MI, Grand Rapids, Oak Hill Cem

MI, Grand Rapids

MI, Grant Township

MI, Hillsdale

MI, Homer, East Eckford Cem

MI, Homer

MI, Howell, probably

MI, Howell

MI, Hudson

MI, Ingham Co., Mount Hope Cem

MI, Ingham Co

MI, Ionia Co

MI, Jackson Co., Mt Evergreen Cem

MI, Jackson, Mt. Evergreen Cem

MI, Jackson

MI, Jeddo, Jeddo Cem

MI, Kent Co

MI, Lakeport, Lakeport Cem

MI, Lansing, Mt. Hope Cem

MI, Lansing

MI, Lapeer

MI, Lenawee Co., East Rome Cem

MI, Lenawee Co., Lime Creek Cem

MI, Lenawee Co

MI, Lenawee

MI, Lexington, Lexington Municipal Cem

MI, Lupton

MI, Manton, Fairview Cem

MI, Manton

MI, Marysville

MI, Melvin

MI, Meridian

MI, Midland

MI, Monroe

MI, Montgomery

MI, Moscow, Rice Cem

MI, Moscow

MI, Mt Clemons

MI, Mulliken, Danby Cem

MI, Mulliken, Darby Cem

MI, Nashville, Wilcox Cem

MI, Niles

MI, North Newburgh

MI, Oceana, Ferry

MI, Ogenmaw Co

MI, Okemos, Riverside Cem

MI, Paris

MI, Perry

MI, Port Huron, Lakeside Cem

MI, Port Huron

MI, removed to

MI, Rome, East Rome Cem

MI, Rome, Rome Center Cem

MI, Rome

MI, Roseville

MI, Sanilac Co., Fremont

MI, Sanilac Co., Speaker

MI, Sanilac Co

MI, Sanilac

MI, Shelby

MI, Shelvy, Mount Hope Cemetery

MI, St Clair Co., Ft Gratoit

MI, St Clair Co., Grant

MI, St Clair Co., Lakeside Cem

MI, St Clair, Jeddo Ground

MI, St. Clair Co., Grant

MI, St. Clair Co., Lakeside Cem

MI, St. Clair Co

MI, Tittabasassee, Westside Cemetery

MI, Traverse City

MI, Union Lake, resided in 1987

MI, Van Buren, Lawrence

MI, Vermontville, resided in1865

MI, Woodland

MI, Worth

MI, Wyoming Co., Hardes

MI, Yale, Elmwood Cem


Michigan, Van Buren, Decatur



Middlebury College


Milton VT, Milton Village Cemetery

Milwaukee Wisc


Miss, Columbia


MN, 11th infantry, Civil War

MN, Ankoka

MN, Duluth

MN, Goodhue Co

MN, Hennepin

MN, Minneapolis

MN, Olmsted

MN, Oronoca

MN, Oronoco, Oronoco Cem

MN, Oronoco, Oronoco Cemetery

MN, Oronoco

MN, Park Rapids

MN, resided in1866

MN, St. Francis

MN, St. Louis Co

MN, St. Paul, Oakland Cem

MN, St. Paul

MN, White Bear Lake


MO, Afton, New St. Marcus Cem

MO, Afton, Sunset Cem

MO, Aid, Harper Cem

MO, Aid

MO, Ash Hill, Shain Memorial Cem

MO, Aud

MO, Berger

MO, Bethany

MO, Bloomfield

MO, Bonne Terre

MO, Boone Twp

MO, Brimson

MO, Broseley

MO, Bushy Fork Washington City

MO, Cameron, Graceland Cem

MO, Carthage, Park Cem

MO, Carthage

MO, Catawissa, Oakridge Cemetery

MO, Catawissa, Oark Ridge Cem

MO, Cedar

MO, Chamois, Deer Creek Cem

MO, Chamois

MO, Chesterfield

MO, Cincinnati moved from St.Louis, Spring Grove

MO, Clay Co

MO, Como

MO, Desloge

MO, Dexter

MO, Douglas Co

MO, Douglass Co., Spring Creek Cem

MO, El Drado

MO, Essex, Taylor Cem

MO, Fort Leonard Wood

MO, Fredericktown

MO, Gasconade, Gasconade City Cem

MO, Gasconade

MO, Gibson, North Canaan Cem

MO, Gilman City

MO, Hamilton F

MO, Hannibal, resided in 1866

MO, Herman

MO, Hermann

MO, Holcomb

MO, Hollister

MO, Hunterville

MO, Independence

MO, Jackson

MO, Jefferson City

MO, Joplin

MO, Kansas City, Calvary Cem

MO, Kansas City, Forest Hill Cem

MO, Kansas City

MO, Kansis City

MO, Kendricktown

MO, Kennett

MO, Kirckwood, Forever Oak Hill Cem

MO, Kirkwood, Forever Oak Hill Cem

MO, Ladue

MO, Lafayette Co

MO, Lafayette

MO, Lexington, Machpelah Cem

MO, Lexington

MO, Linn

MO, Loutre Island

MO, Malden

MO, Marceline

MO, Marco

MO, Morrison, Clary Cem

MO, Morrison, Good Hope Cem

MO, Morrison, Good Hope Cemetery

MO, Morrison

MO, Nevada, Deepwood Cemetery

MO, Nevada

MO, New Hampton, Foster Cem

MO, New Madrid Co., Parma

MO, New Madrid

MO, Norbon

MO, Odessa, Odessa Cem

MO, Odessa

MO, Ozark Mills

MO, Parma, Parma Cemetery

MO, Polk City

MO, Poplar Bluff

MO, Sadalia, Crown Hill Cem

MO, Scott Co., Blodgett

MO, Scott Co., prob

MO, Scott Co., Sikeston

MO, Scott Co

MO, Sedalia, Crown Hill Cem

MO, Sedalia

MO, Shelbina, Odd Fellows Cem

MO, Shelbina

MO, Sherry

MO, Sikeston, Memorial Park Cem

MO, Spring Bluff

MO, Springfield, Greenlawn Memorial Gardens

MO, Springfield

MO, St Louis Co., Oak Grove Cem

MO, St Louis, Trinity Garden

MO, St Louis

MO, St. Louis

MO, St. Joseph

MO, St. Louis Co., Calvary Cem

MO, St. Louis Co., Lake Charles Cem

MO, St. Louis, Bellefontaine Cemetery

MO, St. Louis, Calvary Cem. and Mausoleum

MO, St. Louis, Calvary Cem

MO, St. Louis

MO, St. Louise

MO, St. Louis

MO, St.Louis

MO, Stoddard Co., Essex

MO, Stoddard Co

MO, Stoddard

MO, Sullivan Co., Miller Cem

MO, Thornfield, Thornfield Cem

MO, Toledo

MO, Udal, Mount Pleasant Cem

MO, University City

MO, Vernon Co

MO, Warsaw, Shawnee Cem

MO, Warsaw

MO, Webster Groves

MO, West Plains, Evergreen Cem

MO, West Plains


MOf, Essex, Taylor Cem


Mona Utah

Morrison Mo

MS, Biloxi

MS, Gulfport

MS, Jackson

MS, Millville

MS, Redbone


MT, Billings

MT, Bozeman

MT, Butte, Holy Cross Cem

MT, Butte

MT, Carbon Co., Roberts Cem

MT, Glasgow

MT, Helena

MT, Jordan

MT, Miles City

MT, Missoula

MT, Plains

Mt. Hope Cem


Musician; IN, 16th Regiment, Civil War: 16th Indiana Infantry

N, Fredonia, Mayville Cem

N, Monroe Co., Riverside Cemetery

N, Peterborough, Pine Hill Cemetery

N, Rochester, Mt Hope Cem

N.Y, Burte

N.Y, Decauter

Navy Nurse in WWI

NB, Kearney, resided in

NC, Charleston

NC, Charlotte

NC, Comberland Co

NC, Flat Rock

NC, Henderson

NC, Highlands, Memorial Cemetery

NC, Highlands

NC, New Bern, New Bern National Cemetery

NC, prob. Highlands

NC, Salisbury Prison

NC, Tryon

NC, Washington


ND, Barnes Co, Leal Cemetery

ND, Fargo

ND, Langley

ND, Minot

ND, Shenfield

ND, Wimbledon, Prairie View Cem

ND, Wimbledon


NE, Auburn

NE, Clay Co

NE, Edgar, Edgar Cem

NE, Edgar

NE, Fairfield, Fairfield Cem

NE, Hall Co., Shelton Cem

NE, Lincoln

NE, Nelson

NE, Omaha, Forest Lawn Cem

NE, Omaha, Forest Lawn Mem. Park

NE, Omaha, Forest Lawn Memorial Park

NE, Omaha

NE, Pawnee City, Pawnee City Cem

NE, Pawnee City, Pawnee Ctiy Cem

NE, Shelton, Shelton Cem

NE, Shelton


Near West Plains - Howell Mo


Never Married

New Castle Co

New York City

New Zealand, Hamilton

Newportt NH

NH (div.), Concord

NH after death of her husband, Nashua

NH, Acworth, Acworth Cem

NH, Acworth, New Cemetery

NH, Acworth

NH, Alstead, Pine Grove Cem

NH, Alstead

NH, Barrington

NH, Boscawen

NH, Canterbury

NH, Charlestown, Forest Hill Cem

NH, Charlestown, Hope Hill Cem

NH, Charlestown

NH, Claremont, Enlisted in Civil War Co G. 9th Regt

NH, Claremont, Mountain View Cemetery

NH, Claremont, Mt. View Cem

NH, Claremont, Pleasant St Cem

NH, Claremont

NH, Concord

NH, Croydon

NH, Derry

NH, Dover

NH, East Jaffrey

NH, Exeter

NH, Fitzwilliam

NH, Grafton

NH, Grantham

NH, Grasmere

NH, Greenfield

NH, Hanover, Res. Unm.1864

NH, Hanover

NH, Hillsboro, Pine Hill Cem

NH, Hillsboro

NH, Hillsborough

NH, Hinsdale, Pine Grove Cem

NH, Hinsdale

NH, Hooksett, Martin's Cemetery

NH, Hooksett

NH, Hopkinton

NH, Jaffrey, Conant Cem

NH, Jaffrey

NH, Keene

NH, Laconia

NH, Lancaster

NH, Langdon

NH, Lebanon

NH, Littleton

NH, Loconia

NH, Lyme

NH, Manchester, Pine Grove Cem

NH, Manchester

NH, Marlow, Village Cem

NH, Marlow

NH, Meredith

NH, Milford, Riverside Cemetery

NH, Milford

NH, Nashua, Wood Lawn Cemetery

NH, Nashua

NH, Newport, Maple St Cem

NH, Newport, Maple St. Cem

NH, Newport, North Newport Cem

NH, Newport, Pine Grove Cem

NH, Newport, Pine St West Cem

NH, Newport, resided in1864

NH, Newport

NH, NH & stone at Claremont, Woodlawn Cem. Nashua

NH, North Charlestown, Hope Hill Cem

NH, North Conway

NH, Nottingham

NH, One Of N.H.Sharpshooters

NH, Peterborough

NH, Piermont

NH, Portsmouth

NH, Prob.Keene

NH, Res.1862 Piermont

NH, Richmond

NH, Rindge

NH, Rochester

NH, Salem

NH, Springfield

NH, Sunapee

NH, Surry

NH, Sutton

NH, Tilton

NH, Unity

NH, Wakefield

NH, Westmoreland


NJ, Bogota

NJ, Bound Brook, Bound Brook Cem

NJ, Bound Brook

NJ, Camden, New Camden Cem

NJ, Camden

NJ, Chatham

NJ, Edison

NJ, Fort Dix

NJ, Fort Monmouth

NJ, Greenwich

NJ, Haddon

NJ, Hopewell

NJ, Jersey City

NJ, Jersey

NJ, Long Branch

NJ, Metuchen

NJ, Middlebush

NJ, Millstone

NJ, Morristown

NJ, Neptune

NJ, New Brunswick

NJ, Newark

NJ, Orange

NJ, Park Ridge

NJ, Paterson

NJ, Patterson

NJ, Perth Amboy

NJ, Piscataway

NJ, Plainfield

NJ, Princeton, Resided in1995

NJ, Ramsey, Maryrest Cem

NJ, Rose Terr

NJ, Sergeantsville

NJ, Somerset Co., Cedar Hill Cem

NJ, Upper Montclair


NM, Albequerque

NM, Albuquerque, Sunset Memorial Park

NM, Albuquerque

NM, Halls Peak

NM, Las Cruces, Masonic Cem

NM, Las Cruces

NM, Las Curces, Odd Fellows Cem

NM, Valverde


No Issue

Northern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery

Northhampton Ma


Nov 1946

Nun in "The Local Convent"

NV, Carson City

NV, Clark

NV, Elko

NV, Grass Valley

NV, Las Vegas

NV, Minden

NV, Pine Co

NV, Reno

NV, White Pine Co., Ely City Cem


NY, Albany, Graceland Cem

NY, Albany

NY, Albion

NY, Alexandria Bay, Walton St. Cem

NY, Allegany, Allegany Protestant Cem

NY, Allegany

NY, Alleghany

NY, Altamont

NY, Ashville, Maple Grove Cem

NY, Attica, Forest Hills Cem

NY, Auburn, Fort Hill Cem

NY, Auburn, North St. Cem

NY, Auburn

NY, Augusta

NY, Baldwinsville

NY, Batavia

NY, Bath, VA Hospital Cem

NY, Bath

NY, Bayside

NY, Belfast or Allegheny

NY, Bergen, Red Schoolhouse Cemetery

NY, Bergen

NY, Blockville, Blockville Union Burial Ground

NY, Blockville, Union Burial Ground

NY, Blockville

NY, Bolivar, Maplelawn Cem

NY, Bolivar

NY, Brasher Falls

NY, Brighton

NY, Broadalbin

NY, Brockport, High St. Cem

NY, Brockport

NY, Bronxville

NY, Brookfield, Brookfield Rural Cem

NY, Brookfield

NY, Brooklyn, Green-Wood Cem

NY, Brooklyn

NY, Buffalo

NY, Burton

NY, Byron

NY, Canisteo

NY, Canton, Fairview Cem

NY, Canton

NY, Carlyle

NY, Carthage

NY, Catskill

NY, Cattaraugus Co

NY, Cayuga

NY, Celeron

NY, Charlton

NY, Chatham

NY, Chautauqua Co

NY, Chenango Forks

NY, Clarendon

NY, Clarkson

NY, Clinton, Crown Hill Mem. Park

NY, Clymer

NY, Cortland Co., Truxton

NY, Cortland

NY, Crown Point Center

NY, Crown Point, Fairview Cem

NY, Crown Point

NY, Decauter

NY, Deferiet

NY, Defreestville

NY, Depew

NY, Dryden, Willow Glen Cem

NY, Durham, Brown Union Cem

NY, Durham, Union Cem

NY, Durham, West Durham Cemetery

NY, Durham

NY, Durhamville, St. Francis Cem

NY, Durhamville

NY, East Greenbush Cem. East Greenbush

NY, Erie Co., Springville

NY, Errie Co

NY, Essex Co

NY, Floyd

NY, Fort Edward, Union Cemetery

NY, Fort Edward

NY, Fulton

NY, Genesco, Temple Hill Cem

NY, Genesco

NY, Geneseo, Temple Hill Cem

NY, Genoa, Lansingville Cem

NY, Genoa

NY, Glens Falls, resided 1870

NY, Glens Falls

NY, Gouverneur

NY, Granville

NY, Greece

NY, Greenhurst

NY, Guilderland

NY, Hamilton

NY, Hancock

NY, Harmony

NY, Hawthorne

NY, Hermon

NY, Heuvelton

NY, Huron, Huron Evergreen Cem

NY, Ithaca

NY, Jamestown, Lake View Cem

NY, Jamestown, Lakeview Cemetery

NY, Jamestown

NY, Johnstown

NY, La Cross

NY, Lakewood

NY, Lancaster

NY, Lansing, Pine Grove Cem

NY, Leedsville

NY, Lenox Township, resided in 1860

NY, Lenox

NY, Leroy, resided 1865

NY, Leroy

NY, Lived @@ Rome

NY, Liverpool

NY, Lockport, Cold Springs Cem

NY, Lockport, Glenwood Cem

NY, Lockport

NY, Long Island, Southampton

NY, Long Island

NY, Madison Co., Hubbardsville, Graham Cemetery

NY, Manhattan

NY, Marcellus

NY, Mayville

NY, Medina

NY, Menands, Albany Rural Cem

NY, Menands

NY, Messena

NY, Middletown

NY, Monroe Co., Greene

NY, Monroe Co

NY, Monroe County, Parma Union Cem

NY, Moravia, Indian Mound Cem

NY, New Rochelle

NY, New York City

NY, New York

NY, Newark

NY, Newfane

NY, Niagara, Huskey Cem

NY, Niagara

NY, Nicholville

NY, Norfolk, High Street Cem

NY, Norfolk

NY, North Greece

NY, North Kinderhook

NY, Oak Hill

NY, Ogden

NY, Ogdenn

NY, Olcott, Lakeview Cem

NY, Olean or Allegeny

NY, Olean, Pleasant Valley Cem

NY, Olean

NY, Oneida, Glenwood Cem

NY, Oneida, Glenwood Cemetery

NY, Oneida

NY, Onieda

NY, Orleans Co., Albion

NY, Orleans Co., Clarendon

NY, Orleans Co

NY, Oswego

NY, Painted Post

NY, Palmyra

NY, Parma Centre

NY, Parmer Center

NY, Pen Yan

NY, Penn Yann

NY, Peterboro

NY, Pittsford, White Haven Mem. Park

NY, Plainfield

NY, Plattsburgh

NY, Portage

NY, Potsdam, Bayside Cem

NY, Potsdam, St Mary's Cem

NY, Potsdam

NY, Princeton

NY, Pyrities

NY, Rensselaerville

NY, Res.1866 Wilney

NY, Rochester, Mt. Hope Cemetery

NY, Rochester

NY, Rock

NY, Rome

NY, Rotterdam

NY, Rutland Center, Black River Cem

NY, Rutland

NY, Sangerfield

NY, Sangersfield

NY, Saratoga Co

NY, Scarsdale

NY, Schenectady

NY, Schroon

NY, Scio

NY, Seneca Falls, Restvale Cem

NY, Seneca Falls

NY, Severance, Severance Cem

NY, She Res.1870 New York

NY, Sissonville

NY, Skanaeteles

NY, Skaneateles, Lake View Cem

NY, Skaneateles

NY, Southampton

NY, Sparkhill

NY, Springville, Maplewood Cem

NY, St. Johnsville

NY, St. Johnsville

NY, Staten Island

NY, Stillwater

NY, Suffern

NY, Swartwood

NY, Syracuse

NY, Ticonderoga, Chillson Community Cem

NY, Ticonderoga, Mount Hope Cem

NY, Ticonderoga

NY, Ticonderogo, Mount Hope Cem

NY, Troy, Willard Seminary

NY, Troy

NY, Utica

NY, Volney

NY, VT Opp. Albany, Res.1865 Greenbush

NY, Warkwick

NY, Warsaw

NY, Washington Co

NY, Waterloo

NY, Watertown

NY, Watervliet

NY, West Durham, West Durham Cem

NY, Westchester, Ferncliff Cem

NY, Whiltehall, Boardman Cem

NY, Whitehall, Boardman Cem

NY, Whitehall, Brick Church Cem

NY, Whitehall, Greenmont Cem

NY, Whitehall, Greenmount Cem

NY, Whitehall, Greenmount Cemetery

NY, Whitehall, resided in 1864

NY, Whitehall

NY, Whitesboro

NY, Winthrop

NY, Woodlawn Cem

NY, Yonkers


O, Tulsa, Rose Hill Cem

of Beauvais

OF Beauvais

OF Montherme

OF Neuchtal

OH (Drowned Age 2), Warren

OH), (Res.1867 Kingsville

OH, Akron, Crown Hill Burial Park

OH, Akron

OH, Ashtabula

OH, Braceville

OH, Brown Co

OH, Brown County

OH, Burghill-Hayes Cem. Hartford

OH, Butler Co., Hamilton

OH, Butler Co

OH, Cayahoga Co

OH, Chagrin Falls

OH, Cincinnati, Arlington Memorial Gardens

OH, Cincinnati, Spring Grove Cemetery

OH, Cincinnati, Spring Grove

OH, Cincinnati

OH, Cleveland, Monroe Street Cem

OH, Cleveland

OH, Colebrook

OH, Columbus, Union Cemetery

OH, Columbus

OH, Cortland

OH, Cuyahoga Co

OH, Cuyahoga

OH, Darke Co

OH, Delhi

OH, Durham

OH, Euclid, Euclid Cem

OH, Evendale

OH, Fairfield, Shafer Farm Cemetery

OH, Fairmont

OH, Fort Recovery

OH, Fourth Ohio Volunteers, Second Lt

OH, Fowler

OH, Franklin Co

OH, Franklin

OH, Gambier

OH, Geauga Co., Hambden, Hambden Township Cemetery

OH, Geauga Co., Hambden

OH, Geauga Co., Troy Cem

OH, Geauga Co

OH, Geauga

OH, Green

OH, Greene, probably

OH, Greene

OH, Greenfield

OH, Greensburg, resided in 1866

OH, Greensburg

OH, Greenville, Water Spring Cem

OH, Greenville, Water St. Cem

OH, Greenville

OH, Gustavus

OH, Hambden, Hambden Cem

OH, Hamilton Co., Columbia

OH, Hamilton Co., prob

OH, Hamilton Co

OH, Hamilton

OH, Hancock

OH, Henry Co

OH, Hillsboro

OH, Hillsdale Co

OH, Howland

OH, Huron Co

OH, Huron

OH, Jackson

OH, Johnsonville

OH, Johnston, Johnston Township Cem

OH, Johnston

OH, Kenilworth

OH, Kinsman

OH, Kirkersville, Kirkersville Cem

OH, Lake, Painesville

OH, Lima

OH, Lucas

OH, McConnelsville

OH, McConnelville

OH, Mentor Lake

OH, Mentor, Mentor Municipal Cem

OH, Mentor

OH, Monroeville

OH, Montgomery

OH, Mount Vernon

OH, New Haven

OH, Newark

OH, Norwalk, Woodlawn Cem

OH, Norwalk

OH, Norwood

OH, Oak Harbor

OH, Painesville

OH, Pendleton

OH, Putnam Co

OH, Richland

OH, Sandusky

OH, Sidney

OH, Steuben, Steuben Cem

OH, Steuben, Stuben Cem

OH, Summit

OH, Sylvania

OH, Troy

OH, Trumbell

OH, Trumbull Co., Green Cemetery

OH, Trumbull Co., Green

OH, Trumbull Co., Hartford Township

OH, Trumbull Co., Johnston

OH, Trumbull Co

OH, Trumbull

OH, Warren Co

OH, Warren, Oakwood Cem

OH, Warren

OH, Wayne

OH, Wickliffe, Wickliffe Village Cem

OH, Wickliffe

OH, Willard

OH, Willoughby, Village Cem

OH, Willoughby

OH, Wilmington

OH, Windosor, Windsor Cem

OH, Windsor

OH, Youngston

OH, Youngstown, Tod Homestead Cemetery

OH, Youngstown, Tod Homstead Cem

OH, Youngstown


OK, Blackwell

OK, Broken Arrow, Floral Haven Memorial Gardens

OK, Chandler City

OK, Durant

OK, Fair Play

OK, Fort Gibson, National Cemetery

OK, Grady Co., Rose Hill Cemetery

OK, Hoyt, Hoyt Cem

OK, Jenks

OK, Jester City

OK, Mangum

OK, Meeker

OK, Miami, GAR Cem

OK, Muskogee

OK, Oklahoma City

OK, Osage Co., Hillside Mission Cem

OK, Pawhuska

OK, Pushmataha Co., Kosoma Cem

OK, Ringwood

OK, Sapulpa

OK, Tahlequah

OK, Tulsa, Rose Hill Memorial Park

OK, Tulsa

OK, Tusla, Rose Hill Memorial Park

OK, Waurika


Oklahoma City Ok


OR, Ashland

OR, Astoria

OR, Elmira

OR, Eugene, Rest Haven Mem. Park

OR, Eugene

OR, Jackson Co

OR, Jackson

OR, Lane Co., Elmira

OR, Lane Co., Rest Lawn Memorial Park

OR, Lane Co

OR, Lane

OR, Lincoln

OR, Marion

OR, Medford, Hillcrest Mem. Cem

OR, Medford

OR, Melford

OR, Milton-Freewater, IOOF Cem

OR, Milton-Freewater, resided in 1986

OR, Milton-Freewater

OR, Mulnomah

OR, Multnomah Co

OR, Multnomah

OR, Newport

OR, Portland, Rose City Cem

OR, Portland

OR, Roseburg, Roseburg Cem

OR, Roseburg

OR, Springfield

OR, Sweet Home

OR, The Dalles

OR, Umatilla


Oregon, Dufur


Orlando Fla

Orwell Vt

PA, Alleghenyville, Horning

PA, Allentown, Greenwood Cem

PA, Allentown

PA, Altoona, Alto Reste Burial Park

PA, Bradford

PA, Dauphin

PA, East Liberty

PA, East Troy

PA, Ebenezer, Covenant Greenwood Cem

PA, Erie

PA, Gaegertown

PA, Gettysburg, 2nd Mass. Regiment, July 3rd 1863. Company A., Shot through the heart and killed at the battle of Gettysburg

PA, Gettysburg

PA, Greenville

PA, Hershey

PA, Kingston

PA, Labanon Co., Tulpehocken Trinity UCC Cem

PA, Leaches Corners

PA, Lebanon

PA, Middletown

PA, Mt. Holly Springs, Mt. Holly Springs Cem

PA, Mt. Holly Springs, Mt.Holly Springs Cem

PA, Nazareth

PA, Oil City, Grove Hill Cem

PA, Oil City

PA, Paoli

PA, Philadelphia

PA, Pittsburg

PA, Pittsburgh

PA, prob. Warren Co

PA, Pymatuning

PA, Sayre

PA, Sewickley

PA, Shamokin

PA, Shippen

PA, Smithport

PA, Spring Mount, Spring Mount Cem

PA, Three Springs

PA, Warren Co

PA, Warren

PA, Warriors Mark

PA, Wetona, Wetona Cem

PA, Windham


Peru, Chiclayo

Ph.D. 1889; Boston U. School of Law, Tufts College

Ph.D. in anthropology at Northwestern


Philippines, Bataan, Dinalupihan

Philippines, Cagayan Balley

Philippines, Metro Manila, Malabon

Philippines, Metro Manila

Philippines, Olongapo City

Philpipines, Olongapo City

PN, East Canton

Pneumonia and Diphtheria

POW Germany, WWII navigator on a B17

Preston I, St. Joseph's Cem

Prob. MI

Provo Utah


Ramstein Germ

Rank Cpl, Unit 556 Army Air Force Base Units, WWII

Res. Springfield MA & Troy PA

Res.1865 Boston Ma

RI, Albion

RI, Kent Co., West Greenwich, St Joseph's Cem

RI, Newport

RI, Pawtucket

RI, Portsmoth

RI, Providence


Riverside Cem

Run down by street car

SA, Venezuela, Caraccas

Said To Have Gone To Sea

Salina KS, Roselawn Mem. Park Cem

Salt Lake City Utah

San Francisco Ca

Santa Clara CA

SC, Camden, Quaker Cemetery

SC, Camden

SC, Charleston

SC, Clemson

SC, Columbia

SC, Goosecreek

SC, Seneca

SC, Spartanburg

Scarlet fever

Scotland, Glasgow

Scotland, TO Selkirkshire


SD, Aberdeen

SD, Ashton, Ashton Cem

SD, Ashton

SD, Brule

SD, Clark Co

SD, Clark, Rose Hill Cem

SD, Clark

SD, Rapid City

SD, Redfield

SD, Sioux Falls

SD, Spink Co

SD, Spink

SD, Watertown


Second US Infantry, Co. F, veteran of the Mexican War

See 079

See 450

See 708

See Who's Who

See#400 Betsey

Seigneur De Montfort

Seigneur De Montherme & Nouzon France

Settled Western NY

Shaunavon Sask. CANADA

Shaynavon Sask.Can

She Was Called Martha

Sikeston, Memorial Park Cem

South Africa, Johannesburg

South Korea, Seoul

South Korea, Sin Tan Jin

Spanish American War, Sgt 21 Kansas Infantry

Springdale Cem

Springfield Ma

Springfield Mo


St Louis Mo

St.Louis Ill

St.Louis Mo


Stock shelves, Housewife

Sturminister Marshall Dorset parish records

Sturminister Marshall Dorset


T, Livingston, Okalona Cemetery

Thailand, Ban Pai

The Dalles Oregon

TN, Civil War Co. G 9th Inf IL. Killed at Battle of Shilo

TN, Cordova

TN, Germantown

TN, Giles Co., Pisgah

TN, Giles Co

TN, Giles

TN, Greene Co

TN, Grundy Co., Summerfield Cem

TN, Grundy Co

TN, Lewisburg

TN, Lincoln Co

TN, Lincoln

TN, Marshall Co., Belfast, Cannon Cem

TN, Memphis, Stephenson Chapel Cem

TN, Memphis

TN, Nashville, Nashville National Cem

TN, Nashville

TN, Paris

TN, Shilo


TO Bermuda

TO Virginia

Twin Bro.Ashbel #743

Twin Charles 1337

Twin James 1338

Twin Of 558 Silas

Two Adopted Sons

TX, 2d Lt. 522 AF FTR Escort Sq., Korea, WWII

TX, Andersen

TX, Anderson Co., East Hill Cem

TX, Anderson Co

TX, Austin

TX, Bell Co

TX, Bexar Co

TX, Bowie

TX, Burnet Co

TX, Cooke Co

TX, Dallas Co

TX, Dallas, Laurel Land Memorial Park

TX, Dallas

TX, Decauter

TX, El Paso Co

TX, El Paso

TX, Fort Bliss, National Cemetery

TX, Fort Worth

TX, Frisco

TX, Harris

TX, Houston

TX, Iredell, Mitchell Cem

TX, Johnson Co., Keene

TX, Johnson Co

TX, Johnson

TX, Kaufman Co

TX, Keene, Keene Cem

TX, Keene

TX, Kerr Co

TX, Kingsville

TX, Nueces Co

TX, Palestine

TX, Parker Co

TX, Plano

TX, Port Aransas

TX, San Angelo

TX, San Antonio

TX, Smith

TX, Tarrant Co

TX, Tarrant

TX, Temple, Greathouse Cem

TX, Texarkana, Hillcrest Cem

TX, Texarkana

TX, Travis Co

TX, Wake Village, Chapelwood Memorial Gardens

TX, Wichita Co


United States Air Force

United States, Illinois, Effingham, Mason

Univ. Wisconsin

Unmarried 1988

Unmarried -D.From Injury From An Axe

Unmarried In 1866

Unmarried In 1936






US Army, 101st Infantry Regiment 26th Division, Second Lieutenant

US Army

USVI, St. John

UT, American Fork

UT, Annabelle

UT, Bountiful

UT, Cache

UT, Centerville, Centerville City Cemetery

UT, Centerville

UT, Davis Co

UT, Davis

UT, Dragon

UT, Duchesne

UT, Escalante

UT, Hyrum

UT, Jensen, Jensen Cem

UT, Jensen

UT, Johnson

UT, Kenilworth

UT, LaPoint

UT, Maeser

UT, Manila, Fairview Cemetery

UT, Manila, Maesar Fairview Cemetery

UT, Manila

UT, Mapleton

UT, Mona Juab Co

UT, Mona

UT, Monticello, Burial Monticello City Cem

UT, Murray

UT, Naples

UT, Ogden

UT, Ogdon

UT, Orem, Orem City Cem

UT, Orem, Orem City Cemetery

UT, Orem

UT, Payson

UT, Perry

UT, Prob. Bur. Vernal

UT, Provo, Provo City Cem

UT, Provo

UT, Riverton

UT, Roosevelt

UT, Rosevelt

UT, Roy

UT, Saint George

UT, Salem

UT, Salina

UT, Salt Lake City, Elysian Burial Gardens

UT, Salt Lake City, LDS Temple

UT, Salt Lake City, Mt. Olivet Cemetery

UT, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City Cem

UT, Salt Lake City

UT, Salt Lake

UT, Sandy

UT, Silver City

UT, Spanish Fork

UT, Springville, Evergreen Cem

UT, Springville

UT, St. George, St. George City Cemetery

UT, Sunnyside

UT, Taylorsville, Redwood Memorial Cem

UT, Uintah Co

UT, Uintah, Maeser-Fairview Cem

UT, Uintah

UT, Unitah

UT, Vernal, City Cem

UT, Vernal, Dry Fork Cem

UT, Vernal, Lapoint Cem

UT, Vernal, Vernal Cemetery

UT, Vernal, Vernal Mem. Park

UT, Vernal, Vernal Memorial Park Cemetery

UT, Vernal, Vernal Memorial Park

UT, Vernal, Vertnal Mem. Park

UT, Vernal

UT, Wasatch

UT, West Valley City




Uxbridge Cemetery

V, Orleans Co., Greensboro Village Cem

V, Williston, Thomas Chittenden Cem

VA, Alexandria

VA, Arlington, Arlington National Cemetery

VA, Arlington

VA, Cherrydale

VA, Fairfax City

Va, Fairfax

VA, Fairfax

VA, Falmouth

VA, Fort Belvoir

VA, Gladys

VA, Hampton

VA, James City

VA, Lynchburg

VA, Newport News

VA, Nofolk, Forest Lawn Cem

VA, Norfolk, Resided in 1995

VA, Norfolk

VA, Portsmouth

VA, Quantico

VA, Radford

VA, Richmond, Westhampton Memorial Park

VA, Richmond

VA, Viginia Beach, Resided in 1995

VA, Yorktown


Venezuela, San Tome

Vernal Utah

veteran of the Spanish American War

VLSI Supervisor

VT, Barnet

VT, Barton

VT, Bellows Falls

Vt, Bellows Falls

VT, Bellows Falls

VT, Bennington

VT, Benson, Old Cem

VT, Benson

VT, Bethel, Cem., Cherry Hill

VT, Bethel, Cherry Hill Cemetery

VT, Bethel

VT, Brandon, Cong. Church Cem

VT, Brandon

VT, Brattleboro

VT, Bridport, Bridport Central Cem

VT, Bridport

VT, Brookfield

VT, Brownsville

VT, Burlington, Lakeview Cem

VT, Burlington

VT, Cambridge

VT, Castleton

VT, Chester

VT, Clarendon

VT, Colchester, Village Cemetery

VT, Colchester

VT, Corinth

VT, Cornwall, Cornwall Central Cem

VT, Cornwall, South Cem

VT, Cornwall

VT, Dover

VT, Duxbury, Phillips Cem

VT, Essex Center, Mountain View Cem

VT, Essex Junction

VT, Fair Haven

VT, Fairfax, Carroll Hill Cem

VT, Fairfax, Carroll Hill Cemetery

VT, Fairfax, Fairfax Plains Cemetery

VT, Fairfax

VT, Fairhaven

VT, Fletcher

VT, Franklin, Maple Grove Cem

VT, Franklin

VT, Georgia

VT, Greensboro

VT, Guilford

VT, Halifax

Vt, Halifax

VT, Halifax

Vt, Halifax

VT, Halifax

Vt, Halifax

VT, Hinsdale

VT, Jacksonville, Bascom Cemetery

VT, Larabee's Point

VT, Middlebury

VT, Milton, Mars Hollow Cem

VT, Milton, Mars Hollow Cemetery

VT, Milton, Milton Village Cem

VT, Milton, Milton Villiage Cem

VT, Milton, Res. 1865

VT, Milton

VT, Montpelier

VT, Moretown

VT, Morristown

VT, North Concord

VT, North Fairfax

VT, Norwich

VT, Orange

VT, Orwell, Hemenway Farm

VT, Orwell, Mt View Cem

VT, Orwell, Mt. View Cem

VT, Orwell, North Cemetery

VT, Orwell, North Cem

VT, Orwell

VT, Plymouth

VT, Poultney

VT, Richford

VT, Rockingham

VT, Rutland

VT, Settled Middlesex

VT, Sharon, Pine Tree Cem

VT, Sharon

VT, Sheldon

VT, Shoreham, East Shoreham Cem

VT, Shoreham, Village Cem

VT, Shoreham, Villiage Cemetery

VT, Shoreham

VT, South Burlington, Adirondack-Burlington Cem

VT, Springfield, probably

VT, Springfield

VT, St. Albans

VT, St. Albans Bay, St. Albans Bay Cemetery

VT, St. Albans Bay

VT, St. Albans Point

VT, St. Albans

VT, Stockbridge

VT, Sudbury

VT, Underhill

VT, Vernon

VT, Wallingford

VT, West Halifax, West Halifax Cem

VT, West Haven

VT, Westminster West

VT, Whitingham, Sadawga Cem

VT, Whitingham

VT, Williston

VT, Wilmington

VT, Windham

VT, Windsor

VT, Worcester


W, Meade, Evergreen Cemetery

WA, Barre

WA, Bellevue

WA, Cashmere

WA, Clark

WA, Clay City

WA, Kent, Tahoma National Cem

WA, King Co

WA, King

WA, Longview

WA, Monroe, Odd Fellows Cem

WA, Monroe

WA, Okanogan

WA, Pend Orielle

WA, Port Angeles

WA, Republic, Yakima or Ferry County

WA, Seattle

WA, Sequim, Sequim View Cem

WA, Sequim

WA, Silverdale

WA, Snohomish

WA, Spokane

WA, Tacoma, Calvary Cem

WA, Tacoma, Tacoma Cem

WA, Tacoma

WA, Walla Walla

WA, Yakima City

WA, Yakima



Washington D.C, Resided in

Washington D.C

Washington DC

Washington, Port Angeles

Washington, Yakima

West Bend Wisc

West Berlin Germany

West Indies, removed to

West Point Academy

Western (now Warren) MA

Western Ma

Western Reserve College

Wheaton College and U. Kansas

Whitehall Ny

Whitehaven Mem. Park

WI, Appleton

WI, Bangor

WI, Clifton Mills

WI, Clifton

WI, D.D. from Beloit College

WI, Delavan

WI, Door Co., Sister Bay

WI, Dudley

WI, Gleason

WI, Janesville

WI, La Crosse

WI, Madison

WI, Merrill

WI, Milwaukee, Wood National Cem

WI, Milwaukee, Wood National Cemetery

WI, Milwaukee

WI, Nekoosa

WI, Oshkosh, Riverside Cem

WI, Oshkosh

WI, Peshtigo, Riverside Cem

WI, Pierce Co

WI, Pierce

WI, Prescott, Pine Glen Cemetery

WI, Racine Co

WI, Rock Co., Center

WI, Rock

WI, Russell

WI, St. Croix Co., Old Mann Valley Cem

WI, St. Croix Co

WI, Washburn Col

WI, Washburn

WI, Wauwatosa

WI, West Bend

WI, Wrightsville

WI, Wyocena


Williams College


WV, Aurora

WV, Brooke

WV, Morgantown


WWII veteran


WY, Cheyenne

WY, Riverton


Yakima Wa

Yale College


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