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Source: FTW
Source Name: Family Tree Maker for Windows
Source Version:
Creation Date: 14 JAN 2017
Creation Time:
GEDCOM File Name: C:\Genealogy\FTW-data-files-version-16\BASCOM.GED
Submitter Name:
Submitter E-mail:
Number Of Individuals: 6642
Number Of Families: 2840
Number Of Notes: 395
Number Of Sources: 64
Notes / Individuals: 0.06
Sources / Individuals: 0.01
% Missing BirthDates: 0.23
% Partial BirthDates: 0.35
% Missing Birth Place: 0.47
% Missing Death Dates: 0.52
% Partial Death Dates:: 0.10
% Missing Death Place: 0.66
Born Before 1600: 13
Born in 17th C.: 25
Born in 18th C.: 340
Born in 19th C.: 2494
Born in 20th C.: 983


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