Bascom Reunions and Bascom Genealogy

The last Bascom Reunion was held at Vilas Pool, in Alstead New Hampshire on July 30, 2022.  Information about the July 2022 Bascom Reunion is here.  The next reunion will be in July 2025.

The Online Bascom Genealogy is available on this site, which contains over 6800 names, including all Bascoms found in the two published genealogies "Thomas Bascom and His Descendants" (pub. 1870) and "Bascom and Allied Families" (pub. 1932). Over the past 70 years these records have been added to by family.  E-mail us for help with your Bascom genealogy research.

            Bascom Family Reunions

Bascom Sign.From humble beginnings in 1949, the Bascom Reunion Association has grown from a small related group of New Hampshire Bascoms to an association with several hundred Bascoms on the reunion mailing list.  Follow the links on the left side of this page to learn about the July 2019 reunion, and see photos from past reunions.

Visit the links above to read about some of the more Famous Bascoms in American History.  These Bascoms were all related, all being descendants of Thomas Bascom the American immigrant from England. 

Bishop Henry Bascom

Ruth Henshaw Bascom

Lt. George N. Bascom

Rev. John Bascom

Earl W. Bascom

Bascom Companies, Landmarks, Trivia...

Numerous Bascom companies were founded all across America, and many bear the Bascom name in their title.  Herein are some of the more famous.  The Bascom Trivia Page is a growing list of such companies, places, and all things Bascom related.  These are descendants of Thomas Bascom, and a lineage is shown for the key individual.

If you have suggestions for added content to the Bascom web site, or the have updates for the Bascom genealogy, or would like to learn more about the family reunions email us at the address below.